Gen EMIRATES divides its potential customers into two segments that are distinguished based on experience and knowledge of the US market

Companies still not present in the UAE, or that have had sporadic experiences in selling to this market; usually these companies

  • are in a preliminary phase during which they only want to “test” the UAE market. They prefer to keep the flexible organizational structure
  • does not have an internal sales structure dedicated to the export market and especially the Emirates market
  • have limited financial resources to devote to the commercial development of a new market

Companies already present in the United Arab Emirates; usually these companies have already found the market attractive of the market and

  • want to structure themselves in order to satisfy completely the needs of the market (for example with better pre and post-sales services, with the presence of showrooms and warehouses, etc)
  • wish to control directly sales management through direct personnel focused on the development of the core business, but want to outsource the bureaucratic, administrative and logistics activities
  • want to reduce the costs of their operations and optimize the use of their human resources in the territory


Gen EMIRATES customers transversely belong to almost all industries, although we can boast a solid experience in industrial mechanics, automotive, manufacturing, and of course in those areas where the “Made in Italy” label (fashion, food, cosmetics, furniture / design) excels.

From the point of view of size, our customers are very heterogeneous; we have clients:

  • of all sizes, who are planning to enter and develop the US market with a careful analysis of the market, looking for distributors / partners and on-site facilities
  • with less than 100 employees, with branch offices and staff as well as warehouses for storing goods in the territory
  • with more than 100 employees, with a production site in the territory as well as offices and sales staff


Below is an indication of some services that are frequently requested, but that Gen EMIRATES does not offer:

  • pure sales activities: our structure is not equipped with agents / representatives or salesman located throughout the US who can pursue direct sales activities and propose customer’s products to distributors or buyers of retail chains; we are not a sales agency and our compensation is never based solely on commissions
  • business incubator (or business support to start-ups): while being aware that there are products / services with significant market potential for quality and innovation, we do not invest in companies that do not have their own economic resources needed to finance the development of their commercial activities in the US
  • activities paid on “success fees” basis: in general we do not offer services in which compensation is calculated based on success. All research activities (searching for partners, distributors, employees, buyers, etc.) require a monthly fee or are compensated “on a project basis” proportionate to the use of our resources


It is not possible to define in advance a standard fee for our services; our proposals are always customized, depending on the expectations and the activities required by each customer; there is no predetermined price list available. The calculation of our fee is the result of careful analysis of the use of the precise resources required to honor the promises made in the contract.

Gen EMIRATES offers many services, both “consulting” and operational; for this reason pricing models vary based on the proposed service; here is an example:

  • Pricing by “project basis”:

It applies to services that we know with certainty what will be required regarding the use of our resources; in this case the cost of the service is well-defined and agreed upon before the task.

Examples of services typically contracted for on a “project basis” are: feasibility studies, and setting up of a legal entity.

  • Pricing according to a “consumption basis”:

This applies to services where it is not possible know in advance what will be the use of our resources regarding variable costs not otherwise definable at the beginning; in this case the cost of the service is defined on the basis of an hourly rate or daily rate that is applied according to the use of our resources; at the end of each month, an invoice is issued indicating the time spent on the project and all other details week by week; billing is monthly. Sometimes the amount is limited by contract with a maximum budget of monthly spending, after which permission must be requested.

An example of a typical service on a “consumption basis” is the implementation of a production unit or commercial development through a Gen EMIRATES sales manager (by commercial development we mean identifying and contacting qualified trade partners who could seriously consider the product / service)

  • Pricing “on a monthly basis”:

This applies to services that we know with certainty in advance what resources will be required over a period of time; in this case the cost of the service is well-defined, agreed before the start of the business and is paid on a monthly basis.

Examples of services typically billed “on a monthly basis” are administration and logistics management.