Gen EMIRATES is the bridge to the United Arab Emirates; It provides the prerequisites to companies to have a stable and lasting in the UAE

Gen EMIRATES is a “navigator” designed to lead entrepreneurs in a competitive and very complex arena; this allows to accelerate market penetration as outlines the optimal routes for the development in the EMIRATES. territory.

Gen EMIRATES is a “one stop source” company as it offers the full range of services to companies who wish to start a commercial branch, set up a production site or simply sell in the UAE.

Gen EMIRATES reduces the cost of penetration thanks to the know-how acquired over time and the structures already in place shared with other customers

Gen EMIRATES simplifies access to the market as deals on behalf of companies about all process of penetration and development in the United Arab Emirates, from the “theoretical” phase of market analysis phase to “practice” of direct implementation in the territory

Gen EMIRATES offer to enterprises to “host” their branches in the start up phase at its facilities in the United Arab Emirates, avoiding making initial investments in offices and staff


Gen EMIRATES has both Europeans and Emiratess professionals , that live and work in both both continents; they provide support at all stages of development with expertise in various business functions.

Our staff have high levels of training and competence:

  • partners were business owners or managers in companies with foreign branches; This allows them to know the decision-making mechanisms and anxieties to be faced in defining the strategies and investments needed to develop a new market
  • consultants have a well defined specialization: market analysis, administration, marketing, logistics, sales, etc; This allows them to have skills in all business functions.
  • team members have expertise in clearly defined areas (eg mechanical, cosmetics, clothing, etc.): this allows you to get to know the internal dynamics of specific sectors

The presence of personnel in Europe and the Emirates ensures continuity:

  • in Europe, the staff is still the main point of reference of the managers of customers, with whom they share solutions and strategies for an effective entry into the United Arab Emirates; in Europe studies ad business plans and feasibility plans are developed
  • in the UAE, the staff supports compagnie on the territory ; local staff ensures a direct presence and provides legal services, administrative and logistics.
team-emirates Company


The team in the UAE

  • Shabab Al Bastaki – Partner (Dubai)
  • Renato Castiello D’antonio – Project Manager (Dubai – UAE)
The team in Europe
  • Nicola Walter Palmieri, Avvocato (Lugano, CH)
  • Vittorio Agnati, International business developer (Milano, IT)
  • Mauro Bandelli, Direttore esecutivo (Milano, IT)
  • Cosimo Pieri, International business developer (Milano, IT)
  • Adriano Marrucci, Project Manager (Bologna, IT)
  • Barbara Campeol, CRM & Digital consultant (Milano, IT)
  • Davide Messa, Financial Consultant (Milano, IT)
  • Yuri Poletto Business developer (Dublino, IR)



Shabab Al Bastaki – Partner (Dubai)

Emirati, entrepreneur, investor, business owner, and successful “trait d’union” between companies and Government Institution. He is been developing the family activity of business services started by his father in 1971. Since he entered in the company Dubai has changed widely and Shahab has been pivotal in the development of the family venture providing various specialized services from company formation, business setup, bookkeeping, legal services as well as recruitment services. Today he is a member of the “Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Young Entrepreneur program” and offers services to companies associated with the main Institution: Dubai Economic Department, Dubai Court, Ministry of Labor, Dubai Health Authority, Emirates Identity Authority, and Dubai Naturalisation & Residency Department.

Renato Castiello D’antonio – Project Manager (Dubai)

Italian, previously working in the University sector in Italy where he created the orienting section. Studies in Political Science and specialized in Ngo operation in crises zone. In Dubai since 2007 is an expert of start-up and company formation for new venture in United Arab Emirates. He has been consulting several companies as business and marketing planning, financial controller, business development, and administrative organization. His insight view of the market are the results of a large network he has been able to create since 2007.


Nicola Walter Palmieri – Lawyer (Lugano, CH)

Nicola is a lawyer with decades of experience, registered in the Registers of lawyers in New York and Montreal. It has been the General Counsel of leading companies (BASF Corporation, Montedison and finally Parmalat), where he has worked on corporate matters, financial, relationships with supervisory authority, bankruptcy and related litigation (including class actions). He lived over 25 years in the United States and is the author of numerous books and publications in Italian, English and German.

Vittorio Agnati – International business developer (Milan, IT)

Vittorio is an entrepreneur and manager in the machinery industry with a great experience and expertise in the field of internationalization, with focus on development of sales network, strategic alliances and Joint Venture

In Gen EMIRATES Vittorio has the role of business consultant for communications and International Strategies to identify specific procedures and innovative processes for market penetration

Vittorio has been Chairman and Member of the Executive Council of Associations and Federations Italian and European manufacturers of capital equipment for the performance of industry and manufacturing processes.

Mauro Bandelli – Partner (Milan, IT)

Mauro manages the analysis and business development directly with companies and / or trade associations and business networks; defines and shares with the Headquarters of client companies business plans and operational activities to be implemented in the UAE.

Mauro has many years of experience in marketing / business for Italian and multinational companies, including Vodafone and Hutchison Whampoa; he has a degree in Economics from the University of Pisa and a Masters in Business Administration at the SAA-Management School of the University of Turin.

Cosimo Pieri – International business developer (Milan, IT)

Trusted Advisor in Information Management Solutions with experience in Internationalization , and specifically for Sales Operations Infrastructures ( direct and via Channels).

Has developed business plans and actions with strategic and tactical alliances with End Users and Pro Active Partners to deliver qualitative and quantitative Return of Investment Value , in local and international landscapes.

In Gen EMIRATES Cosimo has the role of business projects advisor to propose specific and innovative solutions to create value in processes of End User and Vendors .

Member  of ALDAI council work group to support Internationalizations and Innovation  .

Adriano Marrucci – Project Manager (Bologna – Italy)

Adriano is an expert in logistics and supply chain management in particular in the production and distribution of beverages; He has worked on the design / optimization of the logistics network of a major multinational with the aim of maximizing the service while minimizing costs associated with it. Adriano has a decade of experience in managing complex projects working for  International Team. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Bologna.

Barbara Campeol – CRM & Digital Consultant (Milan, IT)

Barbara has more than 13 years of experience in the telecommunications market B2B, built in functions other than the client portfolio management, sales and digital; Barbara has extensive experience in the management of the customer base through various contact channels: direct mail, call center, telesales, web; she has marketing skills, as well as analysis and business intelligence (management of databases, tools for analysis and management of customer relations). In the last four years has gained extensive experience in e-commerce and e -CRM

Davide Massa – Financial Consultant (Milan, IT)