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Although it apparently may seem otherwise, setting up a legal entity entails significant benefits, also for small companies:

  • the market sees the fact that the foreign company is close to its UAE customers and is making investments to that effect
  • legal, administrative and logistics operations are considerably simplified
  • in case of disputes with customers and suppliers, the UAE justice system is fast and efficient. Also in the case of disputes of some significance (eg: damage caused by defective products) the first entity to be affected is the UAE corporation and only later eventually the Italian one
  • There may be significant tax advantages
Gen EMIRATES is able to set up a corporation, whose shareholder is the customer, without management being physically present in the UAE; activities are:

  • set up of a legal entity (usually a Limited Liability company, or a Corporation) whose presidents and managers are chosen by the management of the client company; there is no required minimum share capital (just $10), the timing for setting it up is very short (about 1-2 weeks), the set-up costs are minor (a few thousand $’s, one-off, inclusive of taxes)
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • legal and tax assistance regarding the location of the legal entity and the shareholders’ agreement.