This service is made up of two distinct phases:

Phase 1

Market survey and mapping of all distribution channels and players; the goal is to get a full picture of the competitive environment in the market segment of interest and learn about:

  • competitors (leaders, followers, etc)
  • prevalent business models with distinction between local and foreign brands
  • geographic areas with greater market potential
  • the requirements needed to compete with the existing brands to make a significant penetration of the market (certifications, business model, pricing, after-sales activities, etc)
  • the complete geographic mapping of main players (partners, distributors, agents / representatives, e-commerce platforms, etc)

The methodology for the development of the market research will be as follows:

  • Interviews with key players in the sector (buyers, trade figures, distributors, trade associations, competitors, consultants, end users, etc etc)
  • Analysis of statistic and quality reports available from associations and consulting firm specific (if available); these reports will remain available to the customer.
  • Visits to trade shows (if present during the survey period)
lente-emirati Sales

Phase 2

Engagement of the key players involved in distribution; the goal is to introduce the client company to a short list of potential distribution partners. The activities will be aimed at:

  • getting the “contact details” of key managers involved in distribution
  • make an initial contact to assess
  • consistency of the products of the client company with the market according to these experts
  • identifying the minimum requirements requested by the distribution partner in order to begin collaborating (eg demand for stock, exclusivity, possibility of re-branding, etc.)
  • identifying the minimum requirements requested by the customer in order to begin working with the distribution partner (eg: distribution area, minimum volumes of turnover, absence of competing products, etc)
  • evaluating the interest the distribution partner has to work with the client, and eventual investments necessary from both sides

Controlling work in progress: there are at least two intermediate check points to present the results of the activity; these checkpoints will be an opportunity to check the progress of the project and understand if it is consistent with the expectations of the customer.


lavagna Sales

This service allows a company to open a sales office in the EMIRATES quickly, without large upfront investments and allowing them to maintain a flexible organizational structure

The service includes the use of a sales manager available from Gen EMIRATES; the advantages are:

  • immediate initiation of the selling process and rapid penetration of the market
  • maximum reduction of the cost of market development
  • management activities in the EMIRATES are a local business
  • adjustment to the business model as required by the UAE market
  • structural flexibility is still on going (no direct personnel or other assets)
The tasks of the Sales Manager are:

  • check the marketability of the products (competitive analysis and technical)
  • identify the most appropriate distribution channels (and / or develop a business plan regarding distribution)
  • define a database of customers / agents / distributors / buyers
  • launch initial business contacts
  • proceed with the creation of a sales network (agents / distributors / retailers, etc)
  • participate in trade shows if appropriate, visit distributors and key clients

If necessary, the Sales Manager will investigate the technical, logistical and legal services needed for the sale of products

The Sales Manager usually has the following minimum profile:

  • is an Emirates citizen born in the UAE, in order to have immediate empathy with all trading partners and understand the culture.
  • Hired on a temporary basis – at least 6 months – part time or full time (depending on the goals and the workload) by Gen EMIRATES, and “leased” to the customer
  • Works at Gen EMIRATES offices, with a dedicated phone, email, PC + accessories, and business card of the client company
  • Is supervised by Gen EMIRATES personnel in the United Arab Emirates
  • Has a profile mid-senior, able to conduct market analysis and trade negotiations.

The remuneration of sales managers consists of a fixed and a variable amount depending on the targets; it must be kept in mind that the variable component of the salary does not constitute the majority of the compensation package, but rather it is an incentive.


This service involves the participation of Gen EMIRATES to the results of turn over and / or net profit of a UAE subsidiary of a European company that intends to market and / or manufacture their products in the EMIRATES.

By offering this service, Gen EMIRATES selects very carefully the candidate companies and products / services to market, through surveys and market tests directly in the territory for a limited period, but enough to draw meaningful conclusions; the market test is paid for by the customer.

If the above tests are positive, Gen EMIRATES can assess their participation in a joint venture with the customer, which provides the resources for the start-up and business development in the UAE.

Sharing the results of the joint venture will depend on the contribution to the total investment and operating costs which Gen EMIRATES and the client cover individually to develop the market in the UAE.